Subject: Sociology    / General Sociology    


Unit 1 Assignment

Assignment purpose: This assignment reinforces information and concepts presented in this unit. You must justify your responses (as well as your conclusions and interpretations) with facts from your reading assignment. It is recommended that you work through this assignment as you complete your reading assignment.

Assignment Directions:

    You will answer the following questions in complete sentences in paper format.
    Your responses should compose at least three pages of content.
    Your paper should be in APA format, including the paper structure, in-text citations, and reference list.

Answer the following questions. Each response should be at least one page.

    Compare and contrast scientific sociology, interpretive sociology, and critical sociology.
        Be sure to explain which approaches best describe the work of Comte, Durkheim, and Marx.
    What are the major elements that define and influence a society?
        Be sure to explain the elements and describe how they affect day-to-day living for a person living in the United States.
    Identify one topic that relates to Sociology. You may use your textbook to assist with choosing this topic (i.e. racism, legalization of marijuana, gay and lesbian marriage rights, or any other topic you wish).
        Be sure to include:
            Which type of research method would be the best choice to further study this topic and why?
            Why wouldn’t you use another type of research method that is addressed in your textbook for this topic?
            Compare and contrast the different types of research methods identified in your textbook and explain why one works for a certain topic and maybe not another.