Theological Inquiry Research Paper Assignment Preparing to Write For the first research paper, choose a topic in the field of Christian theology. Make it narrow enough that you can cover it in 4-5 pages. (For your second paper, you will choose a topic about how Christian theology relates to some aspect of life outside the church, another field of study, or another faith.) Submit your topic to the professor for approval by the due date (September 17). This assignment is worth 10 points. Select high-quality sources. Include at least one theological dictionary or encyclopedia article and at least two other print sources (articles or portions of books). Let me know if you have any trouble with this ( Note: Print sources can often be accessed online,  for instance, as PDFs. Read at least 50 pages on the topic. Allow yourself considerable time to reflect and formulate your outline. The paper will be evaluated based not only on the quality of your research and use of evidence, but also on the quality of your critical reflection on the issue as shown by your writing. Writing Your Paper Your paper is to be 4-5 pages long (a minimum of 4 full pages). The majority of your paper (at least two-thirds) should state the results of your research, with a final section offering your reflections on your findings. All papers must be written in “Times New Roman” 12-point font. Double-space the main body of your paper. Use bottom page numbers, 1.25” side margins, 1” top and bottom margins, and 0.5” paragraph indentions. No extra space should be used between paragraphs or sections. Use footnote citations in APA style (see resource/560/01/ and linked pages). If you are more comfortable with another style, contact the professor for permission. Do not include a title page. Include a bibliography or a works cited page. All formatting must follow APA guidelines (or another approved style). On a separate sheet, identify the exact page numbers you read in each source. See the rubric on the reverse side for further guidelines.

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