Subject: Business    / Management

Module 1 – SLP


Current Event Blog 1

In your SLP for this course you will be considered a strategic

management subject matter expert and will be asked to blog about

important aspects of the strategic management process and to provide

examples to support your key arguments based on current events pulled

from recent articles from reputable sources (such as a major national

news source like the NY Times, Business Week, etc.).

Your main article(s) for each of your blog entries must be no older

than 4 months old. If you use an older article as your primary focal

article, you will be asked to redo the assignment. You may, of

course, use older sources to support your discussion but the current

event article serving as the main focus of your paper must be recent.

For your first SLP discuss why the mission and vision are important in

helping to shape organizational strategy and find two recent articles

(no older than four months old) that provide examples of organizations

that seem to be living up to (or failing at) fulfilling their mission

and vision.

Remember that you are playing the role of a person blogging about

strategic management and the key here is to convey to the public the

importance of the mission and vision statement in a strategic

management context and to provide examples of organizations who do

well (or poorly) in fulfilling their stated missions and visions.

Also remember to keep your discussion focused on strategic management.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your SLP assignment should be a minimum of 3 pages in length.

You are required to use APA formatting and you are required to cite

and reference your sources. There should be a minimum of three

reputable sources cited and referenced in your paper.

Please make sure you review the assignment rubric prior to writing

your assignment.

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