Module 4 - Case


Case Assignment

For this Case Assignment, you need to place yourself in the role of a human resource manager who has been asked by your company to go and set up an office in ___________________ (pick a country other than Mexico or Canada and identify it in your paper). Research your responses using the TUI Cyberlibrary and the Web.

Identify 4-6 sources of information in the TUI CyberLibrary to support your answers to these questions. These can be obtained by searching with keywords like "expatriate" and "international HRM".

Answer the following questions in a 3- to 4-page paper (not including cover and reference pages):

· What are some of the risks that a private sector organization faces when stationing an expatriate overseas?

· Do you have the "Survival Skills" to be a successful expatriate manager

· What are some of the capabilities that other expatriates believe contribute to success and failure in overseas assignments?

· What have been some of the key issues for successful expatriation of families?

· How can private sector firms help with the repatriation process?

Turn in this paper by the module due date.