Module 3 - Case


After reading the Background materials, you have been introduced to a number of ways to influence employee productivity. However, according to articles in USA Today and HRMagazine, some family-friendly programs are not providing the promised results:

Armour, S. (2003, October 20). More companies downsize family-friendly programs; No longer needed to keep workers: [FINAL Edition]. USA Today, p. A.01. Retrieved August 28, 2007, from National Newspapers (27) database. (Document ID: 427189741).

Wells, S. J. (2007, Oct). Are you too family friendly? HRMagazine, 52/10, 34-39.

What is going on here? Were the promises of these programs lies? Unnecessary?

Case Assignment

After reading the articles, respond to the following questions in a 3- to 4-page paper (not including cover and reference pages), citing Background materials, the Case articles, and any other resources that you find to support your position as a human resource manager:

· Would you recommend to add or eliminate these types of programs to your organization's benefits program?

· Do these types of programs influenced productivity?

· Where might they be more or less appropriate (what industries, when, etc.)?

· Should you have policies in place that only a few might take advantage or benefit from?

Turn in this paper by the module due date.