Module 2 - Case


Forbes Magazine offers a "layoff tracker." You can click here to access the site:

Forbes Magazine's Layoff Tracker:

When you've read through the Background materials and any other sources that you want to track down, check the Layoff Tracker to see what's happening in your geographical area (if possible) and perhaps your professional area as well.

Case Assignment

Write a 3- to 4-page paper discussing issues relating to growth and downsizing in general, with emphasis on:

· The patterns that you see emerging from the Layoff Tracker.

· The emerging issues in this area—how will the problem be seen in the coming years.

· HR activities that should occur to effectively implement downsizing, and also to effectively implement growth.

· Approaches to managing change in an organization that is growing or shrinking in size.

Turn in this paper by the module due date