trident Log301 module 2 case study and SLP

trident Log301 module 2 case study and SLP

Question module 2 case study and SLP

Welcome to the second case study for this course.

Assignment: Please read the article below (available through ProQuest), then in a 3-4 page paper discuss the article and integrated supply chains.

Assignment Expectations: The authors of the article do a pretty good job of explaining the concept but I would like you to tell me what they mean in your own words. What is an integrated supply chain? What are the key elements/challenges in an integrated supply chain? What are the specific benefits to firms that implement superior supply chain management?Write a 3-4 page paper, using the same format as module one.

Integrated supply chains to be explored Alan Johnson. Manufacturers' Monthly. Sydney: May 2007. pg. 24.

"The key challenge is to integrate supply chain capabilities to provide a seamless solution from potential design through to end delivery. End users are looking for a complete supply chain where there is single accountability and responsibility for delivery," said O'[Brien].

module 2 SLP

Welcome to the second SLP for this course.

Assigment: This is a very simple assignment. I want you to look at the supply chain design of the organization you are examining and answer the following questions.

Does your organization operate in a superior or poorly designed supply chain? Is the organization's supply chain maximizing its efficiency?

Assignment Expectations: Discuss at least one specific area that you feel the firm's supply chain performance could be improved. Explain your reasoning. Use information from references about your company. Be sure to provide the references you use. The paper should be 2-3 pages.

Submit your assignment for grading by the end of this module Use the same format as your module one paper, make sure you annotate your sources of information appropriately.