Trace the effect of sin from the fall from Genesis

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Complete the midterm by using the bible as reference point, each question should be 250-300 words and use APA format.

Trace the effect of sin from the fall from Genesis 3-11. After giving a discussion the implication of the fall, discuss four main narratives within Genesis 4-11 that shows the plight of humanity, in each of the examples you look at, be sure that you discuss what each narrative is saying about sin.
God promised Abraham land, offspring, and blessing/cursing in Genesis 12:1-3. Trace each of these themes through the book of Genesis and through the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Discuss each of the significance.
What are the major theological themes found in the Joseph narrative? Examine two of the themes narrative and why they are important.
Examine Exodus 4-14. What were the purposes God performing signs and wonders (plagues) on Egypt and the Egyptians? Explain their importance.

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