1,A process is used where by the total market is divided into group whose members have similar characteristic.the aim of this process is to break the market into similar units.sales generated from the internet can provide an additional source of revenue to the firm using such a scenario. one dimension that should be considered given a case like this is

a:dividing a market by cities,counties,states, or regions

b:demographic aggregation

c:ignoring a group's value,attitudes and interests

d:employee segmentation

e:employer segmentation.

2,select a primary concern when a new small business is started

a:understanding your competition

b:financing your business

c:knowing your customers

d:managing your employees

e:keeping records

3:you are newly hired web developer for you company,you have asked by the CEO of your company to develop a web-presence for your firm.your firm markets and sells medium to high-end bed mattresses.while you don't believe that someone will purchase a new mattress on the web.you 'er just not sure of the possibilities.further, your concerns center on which one of the following,as they apply to potential purchase

a:baseline/reference sub-culture



d:dissonant commitment

e:psychological commitment

4:which one of the following is an advantage of using the internet to market your state liccensed public accounting practice

a:relatively expensive coverage

b:coverage is global

c:available only between certain hours

d:highly interactive

e:provide other information

5,A mission statement addresses an organizations






6,imagine a world that is populated by 9 million people in order to maintain our current quality of life and government must plan for 30-percent made people made people living across the globe most of those people will be in developing countries.and the demand will be great for energy.food and health care.your concern is that you and your production team have been asked by your leadership to create a scorecard to measure your firm 's efforts in sustainability.your team's scorecard would include

a:electrical use



c:greenhouse gases

d:non-technology requirements

7,the steps of mining group gold include

a:defining the behavioral parameters of a unique subset of cultures

b:establishing a zone of proximal development

c:setting expectations for reasonableness of the ideas presented

d:establishing clear and concise expectations of factual information

e:conducting a series of time-checks throughout the meeting

9:the marketing Eras include

a:customer relationship





8,you have just been hired as the new production and operations manager for little bitty diesel Electric generator sets(LBDEGS) Demand has been so great that a new factory will have to be built to keep up with the market demand.evaluating various and sundry sites presents a member of concerns to you select one criterion to apply in a decision process such as this one

a:excise tax rate at the new location

b:development constraints at at the new location

c:additional unskilled workers are available

d:local government provides support

e:transportation costs are exorbitant

10,select a type of information that is available to business today

a:psychological information

b:consumer process information

c:physical-world observations

d:private information from the government

e:Exobiological information

1,knowledge management and business intelligence are interrelated to one another.as well the scope of the the internet.corporate intranets,extranets and virtual private networks continue to evolve and improve.given this information.you are new CIO of gargantuan baby doll company.the holiday sales- rush is coming-up soon and you want to be sure that your.IT operation is ready to fully and completely support the company.your concerns are centered on

a:full and complete integration of all resources

b:full and complete integration of disinformation

c:full and complete integration of people

d:full and complete integration accross one venue

e:full and complete seamed information to accounting systems

2,the typical office worker checks email 50 times and use instant messaging 77 times a day -such interruption undermine workers.attention spans.increase stress and decrease job satisfaction and negative impact creativity.a suggestion to reduce the number of distractions is

a:monitor and encourage the use of the "repl-all"button on your email program.

b:communication by phone or in-person can save time build relationships and lower stress

c:archive all garbage/trashcan messages in order to review them once a week

d:limit the use of automated replies to messages

e:add alerts to wireless/handheld/smartphone devices and switch-off desktop alerts.

3,business intelligence includes which one of the following

A:variety of hardware configurations to support the strategic initiatives of the firm

b:analysis of an organization's electric utility bills

c:querying the raw data to discern meaningful insights from it

d:generating graphs from the public library information resources

e:providing enhanced statistical reporting from the information

4,an accounting system include which one of the following

a:tax return information

b:regulatory information

c:summarization of accounts information

d:personnel information

e:eleemosynary information

5,managerial accounting includes which one of the following

a:information provided to creditors and lenders

b:information provided to government agencies

c:information reviewed and evaluated prior to preparing a company's financial statements

d:information that is used by management to to determine company strategy

e:information obfuscated concerning the cost of production.