Third Party Logistics Resources

Third Party Logistics Resources

Briefly describe the basic types of third party logistics (3PL) organizations.

Identify some of the best practices that leading companies using 3PLs have embraced.

What value-added considerations would you take into account when considering the use of a 3PL?

Which 3PL would provide the most suitable service to your organization?

What 3PLs does your organization currently use? (If your organization does not use the services of a 3PL, consider the operations where a 3PL could be used.)

What other 3PLs could you recommend to your management?

Response Guidelines Respond to the posts of at least two of your peers. For each response, include the following:

Evaluate whether the 3PLs used at your peer's organization would be suitable in yours. Do you agree with your peer's assessment of 3PLs in his or her organization? Explain.

What additional comments, suggestions, or experiences can you share with your peer?