There are three questions that I would like to ask,...

There are three questions that I would like to ask, all related to one another:

1) Calculate the number of lipid molecules we added to each cell to make the tethered membrane. 
Molarity of lipid = 3mM 
Volume added = 8?L

2) Calculate the number of molecules of lipid in the tethered monolayer film on gold.
Area per tethered molecule = 1nm2
Area of gold electrode = 2mm2 

3)What is the fraction of added phospholipid that is incorporated into the membrane?

Additional Requirements 

Min Pages: 1 
Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: I've attempted these questions, however my understanding is limited . For example for the second question, it was my understanding that you would simply divide the Area of the electrode by that of the molecule, but that appears to be way to simple for it to be correct.