The Globalization of English Language
In the 21st century, being not just bilingual but multi-lingual is an essential core scale for everyone that wants to be a real player in the world. The current modern English language been appear less than 400 years, but it had become the global language in the world. This is actually a good thing, because it help our world communication smaller and people soon be able to travel to most place in the world just by the ability to speak English language. Before English become the globalization language, communication between countries was a bit difficult. However, Englsih had become the common use in communication across the countries. In this essay, I will make an analysis of how English language had became the world international language.
Today, English has known as the global language around the world. English had become the second language in most countries. Back the day when I was still in China, which is nearly 10 years ago, English had became pretty common use and lots of people started studies English as their second language. Additionally, in now days, English is also a common language that uses in many important fields. Such as business and scientist are the two most important major fields that required English language involve. For example, it is a really simple logic, if you want to buy some stuff , you can speak your own language, if you want to sell your stuff, you need to speak the language of the person who buying it. Because if you can not speak to the buyer language, it is not convince for the buyer and who does speak the buyer language. Here is the situation we are well known that united States had the best economic throughout the world. Therefore, more and more people around the world would start studies English, especially business people, in hope of cooperate with the America economic to make better profit.
English language had became the international was not a bad thing at all. As English become the global language, soon everybody would able to travel around the world, in any countries only use English for communicate. As result, many companies around the world had started to take advanced of this issue by providing instruction or information label in both the native language and the international Language (English) for their products. People could easily notice this by purchase items online from different countries or buying food products in an Asian super market. This actually is a good sign of showing people on earth would be able to access to the global language, and able to use it anywhere.
As English had became more popular and turned our world into a smaller community. As result, today more people are speak English as the second language than the first language. Additionally, English is spooking by more people in Southeast Asia than the U.S and UK combined. This point out the issue of more people are learning the English language than those who speak it well. According to the British council in the world right now, “One-third of the book are published in English, two-third of scientists read in English, and 80% of the electronic communication is done in English”. Nevertheless, English language is not only popular in educational system, it also became more popular in social media such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. For example, Facebook had invented a translate system for a better communication between user’s on internet. The system will help user to translate other people status from any language directly into English. On the other side, Youtuber also now included English sub-title more easier for people to watch video clip of a different language. With all this useful function on social media shows how powerful English language had become in today modern days and why English is a requirement language for some majors. This is also a great thing, because Global Language help to miniature our world communication.
In conclusion, English language is been around less than 400 years, but however it had become our modern days international language which in use to communicate across the countries. By the popularity of English, it actually miniature our society communication and also spread out the education. Lastly, English had become the common language across the world and the amount of people who speak English is higher than the actual English speaker in America. Therefore soon English could become a tool that would help people travel around the world.

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