The five competitive forces that shape strategy of Panera Bread Company. Follow the information attached to do it. 

Porter Paper synthesis and application (20% of grade)
Grading Criteria	Maximum Points
Analysis is concise, detailed, thorough; accounts for all five forces	15
Research is thorough and appropriate for business analysis. Statements are well supported by peer reviewed or scholarly references.	25
Demonstrated understanding of article concepts by applying article concepts appropriately to selected business and industry	25
Prepares five forces model that clearly ties in with analysis	20
Writing style: concise, clear, master’s-level, APA format; Flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar	15
Total	100
Read the following article: 
Porter, M.E. (2008). The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review, 86(1), 
79-93. Retrieved from Business Source Complete.
By Week 2 students will be assigned a company to research.  In this business analysis paper students are to thoroughly analyze the assigned company and prepare a five forces analysis specific to the assigned company and industry. 

Additional criteria for this paper will be provided by announcement in Bb. 
Criteria for the paper:
1.	Maximum 6 pages in total (excluding Appendix), double-spaced, 12 font
a.	Title Page- 1 page
b.	Written Analysis - 3 pages
c.	Porter model illustrating your analysis - 1-page
d.	Reference Page - 1page
e.	Appendix – As many pages as required to support analysis
2.	APA style and formatting required.  However, no abstract is required for this paper 
a.	Students seeking APA guidance are advised to consult Purdue OWL and/or ask questions:
3.	Appendix page(s) to include relevant financial and key decision-making analysis relevant to the case analysis.  Analysis of the financial data presented in the case is expected.  
4.	When submitting the paper to BB use the following file convention: PP_CompanyName_Block_Student Name (i.e. PP Panera Bread T01 Smith).
Document must be submitted in MS Word