The Problem: The Case of Tracking the Terrorists

A bill has just been introduced in the Legislature, with wide bi-partisan support, that would create a database for creating a "network" of information by which to track non-documented workers and potential terrorists. The information that would be accessed includes information from driver’s licenses, and requests for government services. In addition, the legislation would require all manufacturers of software to embed a code in their product which would allow tracking of internet use as well as sales on the computer. No notice would be given to the consumer other than the general notice that the measure has become law.

Return to Awareness 

In a coherent paragraph or two indicate how you have corrected for personal bias and your own blind spots - hubris - and have attended to the common good: • Discuss whether or not the ethical analysis made sense. Did you like the result? What were the problems with the process? What are the sticking points?

• Did you like the results? Do you get a sense that you would follow these results in real life? Why or why not?

• What insights do you have about this problem that you would like to share with others? What information would you appreciate from them?

• How would adding the world of emotion and conscience help?

• Consider the spiritual perspective - spirituality being defined as that which gives life and work meaning and purpose. As you begin to see yourself in light of the community, how can you (and others in the organization) begin to discipline your desires so you can live fully in the present with faith and trust, avoiding self-righteousness and self-deception?