I do have a project about analyzing cummins company. the project will be done as a group. So I do need a two pages of team charter, this paper will set the goals in order to come up with a successful project, here is an example.

(I do need a two set of pages, rules and goals just like the example below but I need it to be more professional, like the one that a real company will have to accomplish their project)


Team leader: Jondo

Team members : Jondo2, Jondo3 Jondo4


Performance Goals

• To ensure that the highest quality performance will be achieved within deadlines.

• To proactively communicate in a timely and open manner.

• To deliver an outstanding, informative and interesting paper on Windrose Medical

Properties Trust.


Decision Making Process

• Team will make decisions by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the

decision will fall back to the team leader.

• Consensus is defined as a decision in which each member;

-understands the decision

-has had a chance to express his/her concerns

-states that he/she is willing to support the decision actively.


Ground Rules

• Team will use direct, honest and civil communication with each other.

• Keep an open mind to new ideas.

• Begin and end meeting in a timely fashion.

• Team members will keep the team leader informed on progress or any

assistance needed.

• Each member should have some idea on how the team should operate . This is

the opportunity to share your thoughts so simple misunderstandings are less to

arise in the future.

• Give recommendations (if any) for specific actions to make improvements on

our paper.

• Take action on a suggestion or give feedback why no actions were taken.

• Each member assumes responsibility for the group's progress.

• Appreciate each individual's contribution.

• 1 . When will we attempt to 'meet' for discussion (what time, how often, how will we use chat, bulletin board, email, phone)?