1. What is the difference between green up vs. greening out? What is more convenient for a company?

2. Explain how a wide variety of companies, like agricultural companies and food companies, can now be considered “energy companies”.

3. What was GM’s “Live Green, Go Yellow” campaign? What was GM taking advantage of when pushing alternative fuel?

4. a. What are the different types of light bulbs discussed in the eText? Which one is more efficient and why?
b. Why was the name of light bulbs changed from “Earth Light” to “Marathon Bulb” to “Energy Saver”? What happened as a result of these name changes?

5. What are the six “sins” of green claims that companies use for their products?
6. What is CRED?
7. The book talks about the case of Coca-Cola’s Polar Bear being used by Greenpeace to attack Global Warming. What did Coca-Cola do? The book also talks about what
happened in Japan when a picture of farmers with glasses was found on packages of blueberries…what happened? What do these cases illustrate?

8. What is material pooling?

9. What are two reasons that ships can negatively affect the environment?