What is the summary of ‘The Remains of the Feast’?

Subject: Literature

Topic: What is the summary of ‘The Remains of the Feast’?
The story, The Remains of the Feast’ by Githa Hariharan is about a dying old woman who embarks on a journey to fulfill her wishes before her death. She wants to do things that have been forbidden to her all her life. In the beginning, she asks her great granddaughter if she can get her some forbidden things to eat; she then moves on to asking about her to get something that is prepared by unclean hands! Towards the end, she asks for a red saree – this wish was entirely a shock, as the old woman had always adhered to tradition, and had never questioned it. Though the mother of the young girl is abhorred at the idea of the red saree, the young girl picks up the idea that the dying woman was not abnormal in her request. She was merely trying to question tradition; the girl resolves to be this way henceforth.