Stress Management
HE 391 Stress Management Final – Brief Essay
Word process, double space, 12pt font answer as complete as possible.
1. Cortisol is a chemical that is produced in response to stress.
Sustained high levels of cortisol are responsible for many health
related problems. Name four common health problems and also
identify one classic “syndrome” caused by the body unable to
regulate Cortisol production therefore making too much.
2. Please list five essential foods along with their food group you
would consider vital to a healthy diet and explain Why this is!
3. Please describe five reasons why exercise and an active lifestyle
will help promote vitality and longevity in one’s health and have
potential to reduce and minimize stress.
4. Please identify and describe five ways in which we can
cope/deal with stress through mindfulness methods/approaches, in
other words, ways that help us center/focus to be in the moment.
5. Please identify five causes of distress in the workplace and
explain Why at least one of these causes could be viewed as
eustress (positive stress).
6. Please list five common barriers to Active Listening and
describe the four steps discussed in class for being or becoming a
more Active Listener.