As a Board member, you have been asked to present an original (out of the box) plan or strategy for Columbia Media to take the lead in a Nation wide prevention movement.With the invention of the Internet and its reach to people of all ages, many illegal, dangerous, and sexually explicit products are being marketed to all viewers. Despite privacy programs and limited use rules within households, many of these websites can be accessed when your children are not under a watchful eye of a responsible adult. The basic strategies in force now are centered around "it is the parents responsibility" and the TV and Internet must block access to the sites for children less than 18 years old. These "strategies" are not working. Should “privacy police” be allowed to ban marketing and sales of certain items to the young general public? How could such a law be enforced? Is there a technical way of preventing children access?

Prof Comment: Let’s come up with some far “out-of-box” strategies, this problem is large and growing and needs new strategies.