Description of Assessment Requirements This assessment requires 2000 words. As a strategy consultant, imagine that you have been approached by the Board of Directors of a company of your choice to advise them on their future strategic direction. They are unsure as to whether to implement either (a) a new strategy or (b) an incremental strategy. In any event, the Directors are keen to promote the following theme throughout their organisation: ” Developing Strategy for Business Resilience and Sustainability”. In this regard, they are also concerned about the challenges of managing change in their company. You are required to present the Board with a written report covering the following tasks: Task 1 Construct an argument, fully grounded in a detailed analysis of the company’s internal and external environment, to recommend one of the above strategies ( new or incremental). Ensure that you demonstrate in your argument the relationship among the following dimensions: strategic capabilities, competitive analysis, competitive advantage, and culture and strategy. (30marks) Task 2 Critically evaluate the strategy you have recommended and discuss its relationship with the resource areas of people, operations, finance and technology. (40 marks) Task 3 Recommend and justify a change management programme that may assist the company in realising its strategic objectives, taking into account the key contextual dimensions that may hinder or enhance the change programme. (20 marks) Presentation 10 marks Marking Guideline Task 1 Understanding of the types of strategy Competitive analysis Use of strategic capabilities concept Relationship between culture and strategy Use of relevant models to make recommendations (30 marks ,650 words appropriately) Task 2 Resource implications of the selected strategy Use of academic concepts and models to demonstrate relationship among key resource areas: HR, operations, finance, technology (40 marks 900 words appropriately ) Task 3 Critical analysis and application of change management models (20 marks, 450 words appropriately ) Overall presentation (10 marks) List of References Provide a comprehensive list of references cited in the report Minimum reference required is 12 from books and journals, better NOT website

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