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Strategic Management Assignment -n Apple Inc. With concept of elasticity of demand.


PLEASE WRITE ON n Apple Inc. With concept of elasticity of demand.



NOTE: If you have completed the Workshop alternative assignment previously you should now select a different company and a different ‘Concept or Framework or Methodological Approach’ for this assignment

Select ONE Concept or Framework or Methodological Approach from the SM Course Manual or Grant’s text book that you find especially relevant to a selected company.

DO NOT select Concepts, Frameworks or Methodologies used to address Business Strategy in Assignment 3 (i.e.: Porter’s Generics; Disciplines; Value Map; Spider; Zig-Zag; SNAP; Strategy Canvas; KSF’s; Marketing P’s; Business System; Value Chain; Activity System Map)

Assignment Structure Guidelines (1700 words maximum, 20 pages maximum – The assignment cover sheet, contents page and bibliography are not part of your word count or page length guidelines)

1. Provide some background to your company (circa 150 words) and the key issues, challenges, opportunities it faces

2. Select one important key issue, challenge or opportunity faced by the company (Note: This implies you have considered the Competitive Environment context). Select the one concept from the Course (excluding Business Strategy Concepts, Frameworks or Methodologies) that best addresses the topic selected. Why is the Concept or Framework or Methodological Approach selected especially relevant to the selected topic?(circa 150 words)

3. Apply the Concept or Framework or Methodological Approach to your selected company (circa 600 words)

4. What are the key managerial implications? (circa 150 words)

5. 400 words on how managerial implications in 4. above link to other Concepts, Frameworks or Methodological Approaches covered in the entire SM Course (including content on Business Strategy). You should link to at least 3 other Concepts, Frameworks or Methodologies

6. Outline a managerial agenda that addresses the managerial implications raised in 4. above (circa 250 words)

Overall word length target: 1700 words maximum; assignments significantly in excess of this target will be penalised. Diagrams and tabulations are not part of the word count. You should probably have diagrams and/or tabulations to support Sections 1, 3, 5 and 6. For Section 5 you may wish to have diagrams applying other Course Concepts, Frameworks or Methodologies. Your assignment should be no longer than 20 pages. Assignments significantly in excess of the word count or length guidelines will be penalised. Supporting Appendix data is not wanted.

Please ensure you include your student number and the assignment reference (SM/Student

Number/XXX15/3) in all submitted assignments and that assignments are paginated. Failure to

do this may lead either to a grade not being assigned or being wrongly assigned


 In completing the assignment you can naturally pull on the contents of Grant’s textbook

 You can assume the marker is familiar with the Concept or Framework or Methodological Approach selected – hence there is no need to explain – just managerially apply

ï‚· As this is a company application it may be useful to complete it with the mindset of the CEO or as an advisor to the CEO and senior management team

ï‚· Naturally the focus should be on company application

ï‚· Assignments with specific management agendas/action plans are likely to score better

ï‚· Quantify, be analytic, be managerial


If your company is large and diverse in terms of markets, customers, product/services offered you may narrow down the scope of your assignment to perhaps a specific:

– region/country

– division/grouping

– capability area (R. Grant chapter 5 considers resource and capability analysis)

If you do decide to narrow down please do not:

1. Narrow down too far – the subject matter of Assignment 3 is on a business or part of a business, this is a company assignment

2. As this is a company assignment still have the mindset of the CEO or an advisor to the CEO and the senior management team

3. Ensure that your final agenda will be acceptable to the CEO/Head Office.

Confidentiality Considerations

You should not omit data/analysis needed to complete the assignment on the grounds of confidentiality. If you have concerns over confidentiality you can:

– Change the name of your company

– Use a disguise factor (i.e.: divide all data by a percentage)

Note: at maximum four markers review your assignment (the first marker; the second marker; Course moderator; external examiner) unless there is a case of plagiarism to investigate.

If you are still uncomfortable then select another topic.