Unit IV Assignment
Using the information gathered from your SWOT analysis conducted in Unit II, create an EFAS table for the company you
researched. Use Microsoft word to create your table. It should have five columns. The first column heading should be
entitled External Factors, the second column should be titled Weight, the third column should be titled Rating, the fourth
column should be titled Weighted Score, and the fifth column should be titled Comments. (Refer to pages 126-127 in your
textbook for an example.)
1. In the External Factors column, list at least six opportunities you saw in the company you researched.
Underneath the opportunities, list at least six threats you saw in the company you researched.
2. In the Weight column, assign an importance factor to each of these issues from 0.0-1.0 (1.0 is most important; 0.0
is least important). These ratings are based on the probable impact on a particular company’s current strategic
position. The higher the weight, the more important the factor to the current and future success of the company.

The uploaded file contains my previous SWOT and the source I pulled it from.

Additional Requirements

Min Pages: 1
Level of Detail: Only answer needed
Other Requirements: will upload additional documents shortly