Storytelling Using Song Lyric

Storytelling Using Song Lyric

Storytelling Using Song Lyric
As a consumer of music, we often construct our own stories to accompany our favorite songs. An old song, for instance, can conjure up long forgotten memories from our childhood, take you back to a magical moment that you experienced on your first date, make you shed a tear or laugh out loud.

For this assignment, you will use images to tell one of the stories that comes to mind when you hear a favorite song(s). Use Storify, Tumblr (Links to an external site.), a video (Links to an external site.) (export a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation as a video with the song as background music), or a basic webpage (Links to an external site.) to tell a story that merges the lyrics from one song with a sequence of 10 still images and/or animated gifs. Sources of content may include your photos of friends and family members, your drawings or word art, archival images, memes, tweets, infographics, maps, etc. You may choose to use tools to add filters, quotes, and text that improve the story telling capabilities. You are free to –and encouraged to– be creative and exploratory in your storytelling.

To insert images into Storify, you will need to follow these steps:

Upload the image from your computer to any common image sharing service (e.g. (Links to an external site.)) or find an image online
copy/paste the image’s URL into the “Embed URL” tool seen in Storify’s story editor (the panel on the right side of the screen) while creating your story.
the image should then load in the story on the left side of the screen
To insert content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites, just use the appropriate icon in Storify’s story editor.

The goal is to curate your images and present them with the lyrics in an aesthetically pleasing way. The images should help the reader to elucidate or make sense of the poem you have chosen. The images may comment directly on the line of lyric, or offer a representation of a figure, place, image, or theme within that line, or they may have a more oblique relationship to the line in question. However, you must be able to demonstrate the relevance of each component to our understanding of the lyric.

Deliver a story that allows viewers to browse or scroll through the images at their own pace. The story should be visually appealing and tell a coherent story that can be consumed in 2-3 minutes. You do NOT need to cite your personal photos.