Write a 7–10-page  paper on statesmanship not including the title page and the reference page.

Note: the paper must contain an introduction and a conclusion.

This paper takes the statesmanship definition and framework you created in your literature review and applies it to the decisions, actions, context, character, and overall leadership of Thomas Jefferson.


During Jefferson’s second term there was a war between Great Britain and Napoleonic France. Both France and Britain tried to prevent American commerce with the other power by harassing American shipping, and Britain, in particular, sought to impress American sailors into the British Navy.

Rather than trying to prove whether Thomas Jefferson was a statesman at all times and at all places (something almost impossible to prove) you must focus on the incident/challenge Jefferson faced during the war between Great Britain and Napoleonic France while he was in office. You will discuss Thomas Jefferson’s statesman during this crisis and highlight why he not a pseudo-statesman.