Starting materials for the production of cellulosic bioethanol could include
1)Municipal solid wastes
2)forestry wastes such as sawdust, small branches and dead trees
3)Energy crops such as fast-growing trees and grasses
4) All of the above
5)B and C

Ethanol production as an alternative fuel
1)requires plants with a high mass percentage of mono- and polysaccharides such as starch or cellulose
2)requires yeast
3)also produces carbon dioxide and livestock feed from the yeast solids
4)all of the above


!) include forestry wastes and agricultural leftovers such as stover
2)include methane
3)include recently grown crops
4)include petroleum
5)All of the above
6)A , B, and C

Why is amylase (glucoamylase) added to cornstarch during ethanol production?
a.	To remove fatty acids.
b.	To break down starch to dextrose.
c.	To digest proteins.
d.	To break down DNA.