Sociology : Values promoted within an ethnic group that shape

Sociology : Values promoted within an ethnic group that shape

Sociology : Values promoted within an ethnic group that shape

Subject: Sociology    / General Sociology

Values promoted within an ethnic group that shape whether a member of that group is successful can lead to:

cultural determinism.

achievement syndrome.

social attribution bias.

collectivistic ethic.

For U.S. Census purposes, Arabs are considered __________, and nearly two-thirds of Arab Americans self-identify as __________.

other; black

Arab; Arab

black; other

white; white

All of the following contribute to stratification EXCEPT:

unequal distribution of resources.


traditional social institutions.

random chance.

Which factor is most likely to account for why Asian students enter elite universities in numbers that are disproportionate to their population?

Government policies that specify quotas for Asian American students

Fewer entrance requirements for Asian American students

Soaring enrollments in elite high schools among Asian American students

Less discrimination against Asian American students by recruitment officers

Hispanic Americans make up about __________ of the U.S. population, with __________ comprising the largest group.

15 percent; Puerto Ricans

17 percent; Mexican Americans

13 percent; Cubans

19 percent; Central Americans

Acculturation is another term for:

cultural assimilation.

minority group status.



Perhaps the most telling evidence of the cultural assimilation of white ethnic groups in American society is losing knowledge of one’s mother tongue.



Which of the following is true of contemporary immigration?

On average, about one million immigrants come to the U.S. each year.

The number of immigrants to the U.S. has progressively declined since the 1970s.

As a global phenomenon, large-scale immigration is limited mostly to the U.S.

Most U.S. immigrants continue to come from Europe and Canada.

In which way are South Africa and the United States similar?

Both supported a system of slavery.

Both have majority non-white populations.

Both have equalized minority-dominant statuses.

Both worked peacefully with indigenous populations.

Iraq and Bosnia are similar in that both have experienced the rise of ethnic conflict following political instability.



Which of the following is a primary issue with regard to the secondary structural assimilation of Native Americans?

The religious discrimination towards Native American beliefs

The acknowledgement and treatment of mental illness

The political and legal disparities of living on and off reservations

The constraints of extended family arrangements in urban areas

A limitation of the push-pull theory is that it fails to account for:

economic factors in the sending country.

economic factors in the receiving country.

the fact that many immigrants do not come from relatively poor countries.

unexpected changes in economies.

Some social scientists believe that the Brazilian racial system is slowly becoming more like the American racial system in:

giving indigenous people a voice.

describing Brazil in bipolar racial terms.

enacting laws to counter discrimination.

encouraging interracial marriages.

The importance of race is its:

scientific validity.


social meaning.

academic definition.

In some multiethnic societies, __________ may be so strong and divisive there may be little likelihood of reducing intergroup conflict.

ethnic consciousness

ethnic pluralism

racial inequality

racial accommodation

How does Islamophobia resemble anti-Semitism?

Both ignore historical events and rely exclusively on current political and social patterns of behavior.

Both apply historical myths and fabrications to modern-day circumstances.

Both are recent movements brought on as a reaction to terrorism.

Both involve covert, rather than overt, discriminatory practices.

The essential idea of the “melting pot” was:

all ethnic groups would eventually adopt the culture of the dominant Anglo groups.

each immigrant group would hold on to its basic culture, creating a more diverse American society.

the cultures of different ethnic groups would eventually fuse into a single American culture.

different ethnic groups would blend into a common American culture, but would remain structurally separated.

Which of the following statements best describes the socioeconomic class of the current black population in the United States?

The black population is dispersed proportionately throughout the class hierarchy.

The majority of blacks in both rural and urban areas are part of the depressed underclass.

A majority of blacks are part of the middle and upper-middle classes.

The black population is divided into a stable middle/working class and a depressed underclass.

Groupings of people with one or a number of similar characteristics but with little sense of membership and little interaction among them are called:

ethnic groups.

ethnic collectivities.

ethnic categories.

ethnic enclaves.

The phrase “unity in diversity” is an example of a(n) __________ ideology.