SOCIOLOGY 240 -The concept of Personal Medicine

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
In this module, you became aware of the concept of Personal Medicine as coined by Patricia Deegan. This concept is well known in the mental health field. However, it also applies to the field of addictions. In this activity, you will relate personal medicine to the addiction field and offer concrete examples.

Review the following website:


• Deegan, P. E. (2005, October). The importance of personal medicine: A qualitative study of resilience in people with psychiatric disabilities [PDF file size 177 KB]. Scandinavian journal of public health, 33(66), 29–35. Retrieved from
After reviewing the module notes, the suggested readings, and the scenario, answer the following questions:

• How does personal medicine play a role in addiction recovery?
• What are some examples of personal medicine?
• Why is something considered personal medicine for one person but not another?

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