A sociologist would find it impossible to create

Subject: Sociology / General Sociology
A sociologist would find it impossible to create a list of all deviant acts because
deviance is relative to the time and place in which acts are committed.
deviance is a psychological matter.
it would take too long.
deviance primarily is a matter of economic concerns.
all of these
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According to Merton’s theory of anomie, many people in the United States turn to deviance because
they learn how to do and justify deviance from other people.
they are taught to want certain things (e.g., success) but are not given legitimate means to achieve these things.
they are labeled as deviant and then self-fulfilling prophecy takes over.
they are born with anti-social personalities.
by nature, people born in the US tend to be exceptionally greedy and egotistical.
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According to Richard Cloward and Lloyd Ohlin, deviance is most likely to occur when
there is a discrepancy between the socially prohibited goals and the socially stressed goals.
economic conditions take a downturn.
there is a sharp increase in the Gross National Product such that people’s expectations become unrealistic.
adults introduce kids to new values.
the opportunity for learning how to be deviant exists.
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By “primary” deviance, sociologists mean
the first form of deviance a person chooses to do.
a kind of behavior which generally leads to secondary deviance.
the kinds of acts that might be done (for any number of reasons) by people not generally thought of as deviant.
the most serious form of deviance a person does (also known as “master deviance”)
early innovation.
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In a recent speech, Senator Jones commented that if people want to decrease the crime rate, society needs to attack crime at its social roots: poverty, racism, and sexism. These things, she says, block people’s access to success and so they turn to crime. Senator Jones’s position is most similar to which theoretical perspective?
structural strain theory
primary deviance theory
secondary deviance theory
labeling theory
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As noted by Emile Durkheim and other functionalist sociologists, one of the functions of deviance is that it can encourage social change. Explain how this happens by identifying and describing at least one historical or contemporary example that is not described in the textbook.


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