Here is what you need to know to properly complete this assignment.

1) Use the template as provided. You may create your own template but it must be a mirror image of the one posted.

2) On Page 1 of the template, you have the sociocultural values given and two examples are demonstrating of what is expected with this assignment. You fill in all of the empty blocks just as shown by the examples. You decide on your country of choice and fill in the appropriate boxes in cluding the one left empty belonging to the examples.

3) On Page 2 of the template, you continue and you select your own sociocultural values. You fill in all of the empty blocks.

4) Page 3 of the template, you have to decide on two more sociocultural values and fill in all of the boxes.

5) Page 3 of the template, the two lines dealing with the nation flags are self explanatory.

6) Page 4 of the template is self explanatory as well. Please read the instructions carefully and fill the page with your comments.

7) Please state your name on your homework as I did on the template. Thank you.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, this is a work intensive assignment. It demonstrates the cultural differences that need to be understood when successfully expanding a business overseas.

80% of US companies expanding overseas don't fail because they don't understand the product / service they are offering no, they don't know how to deal with the sociocultural differences.