Please help me write The Single Source Essay.

The Single Source Essay

Your assignment is to create a five pages single source essay explaining how to navigate about Online University’s LearnCenter, the Student Resource Center, LIRN, posting and responding in forums, important contact information, the general layout of a classroom, and information about your specialization. (Hint: Try looking at the catalog for information.) The goal is to build a mini-survival guide while learning about the resources available to you at Online University’s LearnCenter and home page.

Essay Requirements

The analysis requires the additional components:
?	At least one nameless/anonymous or web reference. 
?	Two APA formatted figures.
?	APA formatted paper including:

o	Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, and double spaced.
o	Margins: One inch margins, all around.
o	Indents: One-half inch indent as to begin a paragraph.
o	Proper APA citations and references.
o	Proper use of Level 1 headings as to label the introduction, main body, and conclusions segments.
o	Proper use of Level 2 headings as to label the sections within the main body and conclusions.
o	A proper title page.
o	A reference page utilizing hanging indents and alphabetized by the last name of the first author.

?	Free of spelling errors and minimal use of passive voice.

Additional source:

Writing from Sources, Eighth Edition by Brenda Spatt

Additional pictures: