Singapore Airlines – Customer Service Innovation

Subject: Business    / Marketing
Writing a 3pages business case analysis on the famous “Singapore Airlines: Customer Service Innovation” case.

in particular I need to cover the below questions:

The members of Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) management committee needs to decide whether to cancel the implementation of the new lie-flat seats in business class after the effects of the global recession on the travel industry in September 2001. SIA was considered the gold standard for its innovative customer service, and the $100 million new seats project for the international market was planned to bolster that reputation. But with increased competition in the airline industry and the dramatic drop in travel after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the main agenda item for the management committee was how to cut costs.


These questions are intended to help you inform your conclusion, make your case, and frame your action plan. You do not have to answer them directly in your assignment, but they may help you as you work on the case.

1. In what ways could the customer service strategy influence the decision to continue or end the installation of the new seats?
2. What are the pros and cons of installing vs. not installing the seats?
3. What advice would you give for the seat introduction strategy?