English 120
Essay #1
Write an essay about a significant moment in your life that tells 
something about you to your readers. Choose a moment that will be 
engaging for your readers and that will, at the same time, tell them 
something about you. Try to avoid experiences that may be common to a 
lot of people. If you do use an event that is commonly experienced, try to 
make it unique in an unexpected way. Tell your story dramatically and 
vividly, giving a clear indication of its autobiographical significance. You will 
want to pay particular attention to combining features of narrative and 
description essays that we have been studying.
Please note that since this essay is only 3-4 pages in length, you will need to 
focus the event on a very specific moment in time to be able to develop the 
various narrative features we will be discussing. The strongest essays are 
typically of moments that are about 1-2 hours in length.