Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology    


Analyze and discuss the following questions about cross-cultural and diversity training and share your findings with your classmates.

    How many hours of diversity training does a manager need in a typical organizational setting?
    How many hours does a front-line employee (such as a cashier or customer service representative) need? Do these needs vary across industries? If so, why do you think this is the case?
    What is the typical content of a diversity training program?
    To what extent are the length and content of diversity training regulated by law in various industries?
    How many hours of cross-cultural training does someone need before a business trip out of the country or an international assignment?
    What is the typical content of a cross-cultural training program?
    To what extent can cross-cultural training programs increase the effectiveness of those working outside of the United States and/or the probability of success of international tasks/duties? What are some critical success factors for these programs?
    Do you have any personal experiences with diversity training? If so, please share about your experience(s).
    How important do you think this type of training is in your current career or in the career you hope to attain?