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Everyday Use
t/walker.html Answer the following questions

• What is the setting of “Everyday Use”?
How does the story open?
Who are the main characters in the story?
Describe each main character (Mom, Dee, Maggie).
Why do you think the story is titled “Everyday Use?”
Do you think the quilt is a symbol in the story? If so,
explain your reason. • Think outside the box (with your “mind’s
• Describe other items /symbols in the story
that you think are important.
• Find a quote that supports your view.
• Do you think ideas like heritage or family
conflict plays an important role in the story? • When Dee arrives home for the first time, she
immediately snaps pictures of her
surroundings, Maggie and Mom while her new
male friend looks on. How do you think Mom
and Maggie feel about Dee’s visit at this point ?
• How does Mom feel about Dee’s friend?
• Provide one strong quote each to support your
answers. • To each character, family /heritage plays a
different role. Explain the importance or lack of
importance of heritage for each of the major
• Find at least one quote that supports your answer.
• What is the “breaking point” for Mom as Dee
insists on taking the quilt, along with other
valuable items to display instead of normal use? • What does Mom say or do that alerts the
reader a change has occurred?
• Which character do you find most
sympathetic? Apathetic? Can you support
your choice with ideas from the reading?
• How do you think each of the character views
one another at the end of the story? • Which character do you think is round? Flat?
Provide support from the story.
• What can you infer from the story’s conclusion
that family conflict either continues to exist or
is resolved?
• Do you have a new idea about the story that
you can add?

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