select two different biomes. Imagine that you are a real estate sales person. As the representative attempting to sell these biomes, you will write an advertisement that helps a potential buyer understand the area. For each biome, make sure to include:
•The climate
•The types of plants and animals found in the biome. Give at least two examples of each
•Conservation, restoration, or protection plans in place. Give at least two specific examples

After writing the advertisement, you will need to prepare to answer some questions that potential buyers might have. To prepare, research and reflect upon the questions listed below. Submit your answers with your advertisements.
•How are these biomes alike? (Include at least two observations)
•How are these biomes different? (Include at least two observations)
•What can humans do that would decrease their impact on both biomes.
•How have humans affected these biomes?
•What might humans do that could increase their negative impact on each area?
•What might humans do that could increase their positive impact on each area?

Additional Requirements 
Level of Detail: Show all work