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Bio 161

June 2014

Extra Credit- Family Pedigree Project (up to 25 points)
Due at the beginning of the final.
For this project you will examine an autosomal or sex-linked trait and write a report explaining
how it is passed in your family. Please follow these instructions:
1- The trait you chose must be Mendelian and you must have variation in your family.
Your choices are: hitchhiker’s thumb, attached earlobe, cleft chin, crossing thumbs,
tongue rolling, widow’s peak, Rh+ factor.
2- Write a typed introduction explaining why you chose this trait and how you collected
the data (5 points)
3- Use standard symbols for the construction of the pedigree and identify yourself in it (5
4- You must collect at least 3 generations (5 points). If you do not have access to three
generations, you can predict one generation- what your parents or children would look
like. You cannot predict more than one generation. If you are predicting future
generations and do not have a spouse, make that person a homozygous recessive.
Offspring should be two boys and two girls.
5- Write the genotype of each individual and if some can have more than one genotype,
explain all possibilities (10 points).

Example of a pedigree showing four generations. Note that generations are not labeled and genotype
and phenotype are not explained.

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Additional Requirements 

Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: Use No husband no kids for this assignment prediction