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Answer this discussion with 3 references withing 5 years…….

Search for Evidence

In the lesson this week you learned there are at least four databases that should always be used when you are looking for evidence to make a change in practice. These are CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane and the Joanna Briggs Institute.

For this discussion, use the PICOT question you based on the Organizational Needs Assessment you have been working on/completed.

Perform a search for quantitative research within all four of these databases. Identify the search terms, as well as the type of filters you used in your search (dates of publication, peer-reviewed sources, etc.).

Summarize the type of quantitative evidence you found within each database. How many articles within each database were found to be evidence-based? What type of strategies will you use to determine which of the articles will best support your proposed project idea?

Please feel free to use a table to provide your response(s) for ease of use and reading.