Hi I need help getting started with my assignment. Guide in which diretction to go and list of references would greatly help.

 Vn2win is a newly merged group of 30 Vietnamese retailers (sole traders) operating in the 
convenience store business sector in Prague, Czech Republic. Each company was operating 
independently by its self as a sole trader. The 30 Vietnamese retailers decided to create a 
merger under the mid-sized company of Vn2win. Currently the Director Tuan is heading the 
company, and under him there will be 29 individual shop managers. In the past each 
manager was use to working independently and managing each store by their own.  Taun, now the new managing director has called you his friend for some advice on how to 
make this new merger run more efficiently and streamline the business processes under one 
Keep in mind that Taun has a PhD in business, and will require you to justify your claims 
through academic sources in order to seriously consider them as viable options for 
implementation in the newly merged business

Your Task He asked you to prepare a management consulting report addressing the following 
A - INDIVIDUAL PART – 60% - approx. 2000 words: 
1. Critically compare and contrast different organizational cultures and structures of a micro-business and a middle sized-company, choose an appropriate one for Vn2win and justify your choice by explaining the relationship between an organizational structure, organizational culture as 
well as knowledge and communication processes 
2. A) What responsibilities should be delegated from the manager to shop assistants and why? – Justify your answer with motivational theories and other theories related to an organisational behaviour 
B) What new roles (jobs) will be necessary to be created? 
3. Would you suggest establishing departments, why yes and why not? How would you overcome potential problems with using departments? 
 4. How would your recommendations on all of the areas above change in: 
approx.1000 words
 a) a time of organizational crises (loosing clients, high staff attrition – 90% left), 
 b) your business was operated by people of your nationality(nationalities)  
5. Critically reflect on your role within a group and how the word brainstorming was beneficial to you and what would you change to make the team work even more effective – Do not forget to back up your claims with theories.  

In addition your submissions will be expected to demonstrate the following qualities: 
1. Answering the central focus of the assignment topics. 
2. A critical appreciation and application of relevant literature and theories to support argument substantiate 
model(s) and other aspects of the assignment. 
3. Taking ownership of the content, being prepared to debate and argue a personal position, evidences 
evaluative skills. A submission made up of extracts from published sources which is descriptive and just 
theoretical, is not acceptable. 
4. Your submission must have interpretation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking theory 
into practice (using cases and/or personal experience). 
5. Ability to analyse relevant theoretical concepts in a critical manner, evaluation of material.