Sales at Syntec Corporation-Speculate on Syntec Corporation’s policy

Subject: Business    / Management    

Assignment 3: “Sales at Syntec Corporation” (Reeves Chapter 8)Speculate on Syntec Corporation’s policy on sexual harassment.

Based on your review of the case and what you have learned so far, write a four to five (4–5) page paper that addresses the following:

1. Describe a sexual harassment policy for the company that would address harassment issues for all employees.
2. State whether or not you believe that men and women should have equal treatment in sexual harassment issues, and defend your answer.
3. Describe the ways businesses should balance the need for increased productivity with the needs and concerns of the employees.
4. Evaluate the way Megan handled Mark’s actions. Describe what you would have done differently if you were Megan.
5. Given your personality, describe how you would handle the situation if you were Mark.
6. Include two references outside the textbooks in your report.