The Prompt: You will write a paper of 4-5 pages that explains how the words and images in Joe Sacco’s Safe Area Gorazde work together to send a message to the reader. What I’m looking for here is an analysis of technique, a theory of how this text (or parts of this text) works. The author intends to produce reactions in the reader – what are those reactions and what does Sacco DO to trigger them in his readers?Other Stuff: Your essay should have a strong central project statement, and this should be a work of analysis – move quickly past summary (what happens, presentation of facts, etc.) when it is necessary, and use lots of quotations and paraphrases to argue that Sacco does this or that in order to produce a specific emotional reaction. You may include quotations from the introduction to the book. You have to describe what happens in the pictures, how they are drawn, shaded, etc. to cause you to read them as Sacco intends.

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