Routers (Network Layer)

Routers (Network Layer): Do routers have IP addresses? If so, how many?
Answer should be original and similarity (plagiarism) not more than 10% this is very important point.Answer should be at least 1000 words. Answer should be references on Harvard style (Not use Wikipedia), the references should be Academic Articles or books or Trusted website.When use citation from any reference please keep it between "citation" (Author,Year). As reference you can use the following book:Jim Kurose & Keith Ross (2010), COMPUTER NETWORKING: A Top-Down Approach. 5th ed. Boston: Addison Wesley.Assignment is:1. Do routers have IP addresses? If so, how many?2. Compare and contrast link-state and distance-vector routing algorithms.  Give examples of each.3. Consider the following network.a. With the indicated link costs, use Djkstra’s shortest path algorithm to compute the shortest path from E to all network nodes. Show how the algorithm works by computing a table similar to Table 4.3 in the textbook.b. Eliminate node A, and redo the problem starting from node B.