Retail Environment Project – Need someone good at Retail Environment

Retail Environment Project – Need someone good at Retail Environment

 1.  Type of retail channel (retailer) chosen: Product or service, store or non-           store (web based, catalog, TV home shopping, direct sales, kiosks, etc)

 2.  Are they a multi- channel retailer?What formats do they use to reach the           customer (i.e. – store, catalog, on line sales)? Which format is your paper               focusing on?

3.  Why you chose this particular channel?

4.  Why you chose this particular channel location?

5.  Background of the chosen channel, including:

    Historywho started the company, when, where, private or public                    ownership, key dates, other companies under same ownership.

6.  Mission Statement or explanation of company’s overall

    philosophy—reason for existence.

7.  If a franchise, terms of franchising agreement.

8.  Sales volume (for the store or the company overall), industry rank,             stock price (if applicable), brief history or overall sales or profit                 performance. Top 100 US Retailers, Top 250 Global Retailers, Hot 100             Retailers, and Top 50 Apparel Firms, Fortune 500 etc.

12.  Employee Relations, Philosophies and Programs  

      Include employee benefits/discounts, training program and diversity in the          company. What are their advancement opportunities in the company? Employee           recognition? Include employee handbook, employment application, job postings etc.          What do they do for their employees?  Were they in the Fortune Magazine –Best        100 Companies to Work. – Summarize info- do not just include brochures,                 handbook etc.

***Remember you will only be able to get a handbook if you work for a company****

17.  In conclusion, looking to the future, what strengths and weaknesses (areas  of opportunities) does your channel posses?  Please also include with your oral presentation.