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Your Future and Behavioral Finance Post 2008
Respond to the questions and issues raised by Stephanie in the final part of the learning
demonstration (see scenario below) with a professional 3-4 page report, double-space, Times
New Roman 12 point font; reference page(s) do not count in the page limit. In your report be
sure to address all of Stephanie’s points. Scenario: Applied Behavioral Finance
“Good morning”, you hear Stephanie’s voice from across the room.
“Just had a great jujitsu workout, how are you doing?”
Frustrated by the fact that you have not been to the gym in three weeks, you do not respond.
“Nice work with Violet, your insights were very useful.”
You nod knowingly. Stephanie then asks if you would be willing to make a presentation
tomorrow to the managing partners. Shocked and honored by her confidence in you, you quickly
agree. “Do you have a particular topic in mind?” you query.
“Indeed”, Stephanie chimes back as she continues, “Given the new economic and market
realities prevailing since the 2008 great recession – including employment opportunities for
yourself and opportunities for our firm, the managing partners would like you to explain in detail
the four (4) most important Behavioral Finance lessons that can be of value to you and our firm
going forward. I would like to emphasize going forward because the partners would like to
know how to apply these lessons for the benefit of the firm and to enhance your career
development. Please give your presentation from the perspective of your job; your present job
or a job that you envision you may have later on, thanks!” You notice Stephanie’s new Samsung
Galaxy S6 Edge lights up as she walks down the hall. Maybe if this presentation goes well, you
can reward yourself with a new device.