Research Paper Guidelines/ Assignment

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Research Paper Guidelines/ Assignment

?You will choose a person whom you feel has been the most influential person to American society. You will write a 3-5 page research paper that addresses the person’s accomplishments and his/her influence on various aspects of American society.

?Paper requirements: ?Written in Times New Roman font size 12, with 1 inch margins, and double-spaced?A minimum ofthreefull pages, a maximum offive fullpages. Papers must have a works cited page (in addition to in-text citations)?The works cited pagesdoes not count as part of the page requirement

?You must use andcite at least 5 sources:?Credible Internet site, book, magazine, newspaper article, etc.?You may not use Wikipedia as a source!?You must use at least3 different types of sources?all sources can be found online; however, you must use different types; for example, you can cite 2 books, 1 article, 1 reference, etc.

?The content of the papermust include (but is not limited to):?Introduction:(1 paragraph in length; your introduction must end with your thesis statement)?Identify the person?Gain the reader’s interest?State thesis?Biographical Background information:(1 paragraph in length)?Give a brief biographical background for your person?Focus on information that is relevant to the person’s accomplishments/influence?A Brief Description of person’s accomplishments/influence:(1 Paragraph in length)?Give a brief overview of what the person accomplished or how he/she came to fame?You must research and provide proof/explanation as to how your chosen person has influenced America in anytwoof the following categories:(2 paragraphs in length)–these must bein additionto the person’s main area of accomplishment or influence (example–you cannot do sports as an additional category for Babe Ruth or politics for George Washington, as these would be the main category for paragraph 3)?Politics?Pop culture (cannot be combined with Current Events)?Science/technology?Literature/arts?Sports?Current events/time period (cannot be combined with Pop Culture)?Religion?You must explain why/how your person has been themostinfluential to American Society:(1 paragraph in length)?Using your research and proof for the categories above, explain how your person can be justified as being the “most” influential.?Show how his her accomplishments have been significant to society as a whole?Conclusion:(1 paragraph in length)?Remind the reader of key points, areas of influence and how he/she has impacted society?Your paper will be graded on the following rubric:?Content(50 points)?Spelling and grammar(10 points)?Works cited within the text in proper MLA format(20 points)?will automatically lose 10 points if the works cited does not match the in text citations?Works cited page in proper MLA format(10 points)?will automatically lose 5 points if entries are not in alphabetical order?MLA style headings/format(10 points)