Research the General Mills website.
Using your readings, the Library, and the Internet, and any additional resources necessary, you are being asked to complete the following sections of a Strategic Audit (See examples starting on page 78 and pages 179-185 following appendix 11.C): 

Analysis of Strategic Factors. Since you are aware that your analysis of strategic factors or SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) is based on IFAS and EFAS tables, and since we will need to understand your choices, you are required to submit the three tables in Excel format in one separate file from your written Word assignment. Non submission of an Excel file or submission of a table in a Word file will cause you to lose half of the points of this assignment. No comments are needed on the IFAS and the EFAS tables, but comments are needed on the SFAS table, which is the foundation for this assignment (You will submit one Excel file that will include three separate sheets, one for the IFAS, one for the EFAS and one for the SFAS). As a reminder, two files are to be submitted: One Excel file (counting for three pages) and one Word file (five to seven pages double-spaced). You will be graded on your knowledge of the software and math in building the MS Excel tables, and on your ability to communicate in writing and present your arguments. 

Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy Here you will be graded on your ability to analyze economic, socio-cultural, political-legal, technological, and financial data to justify your available strategies and the one(s) you recommend.

Implementation: Describe the implementation of the strategy(ies) you recommended.

Evaluation and Control: How do you evaluate the performance of your implemented strategy(ies)? For a sample outline of a Strategic Audit, review examples starting on page 78 and appendix 11.C. 

Internal Factors Weight Rating Score Comments
Strengths ~
• Quality May tag culture
~ 5 .75 Quality key to }
Know appliances
Dedicated factories
Good, but
Hoover name
in cleaners
• Experienced top management
• Vertical integration
• Employee relations
• Hoover's international orientation .15 3 .45
• Process-oriented R&D .10 Slow on new
Superstores replacing
small dealers
High debt load
Hoover weak outside
the New Zealand,
U.K., and Australia
Investing now
.05 2
• Distribution channels .05 2 .10
• Financial position
• Global positioning
• Manufacturing facilities .05 4 .20
Totals 1.00
•1,-.;;.T,-A~B~L;,;;;E,-3;;;.·~.3,--_E_x_t.;;.er_l!alFactor Analy'~S·l~·Sm~S'uM-m-m-a-r-y."'(J3:""F""A-S""')-:"'M""'a-y_-ta-g-~-s"'E"'X:-a-m-R"'le----·-1
External Factors Weight Rating Score Comments
Opportunities li ~ ~ ~ ~
• Economic integration of .20 4 .80 Acquisition of
European Union Hoover
• Demographics favor quality .10 5 .50 May tag quality
• Economic development of Asia .05 1 .05 Low May tag presence
• Opening of Eastern Europe .05 2 .10 Will take time
• Trend to superstores .10 2 .20 May tag weak in
~ this channel
• Increasing government regulations .10 4 .40 Well positioned
• Strong U.S. competition .10 4 .40 Well positioned
• Whirlpool and Electrolux strong .15 4 .45 Hoover weak globally
globally ~
• New product advances .05 1 .05 Questionable
• Japanese appliance companies .10 2 .20 Only Asian presence } is Australia
Totals 1--.0--0 --3.-1-5