Subject: Law    / Legal Research

Deliverable Length: 10–12 pages Details:

A 10-12 page research proposal describing a project the studentwouldbe interested in completing. Library Research Assignment Throughout the remainder of this course, you will design an original research project.

You will develop an original research design plan and present it in the form of a proposal and the elements that are necessary to complete the research. T

he proposal should consist of three (3) sections:

1.A description of the research problem or subject;

2.A review of existing literature on the subject; and

3.Amethodologysectionexplaininghow thedatawouldbegatheredfor thestudyand thestatisticalmethodsusedtoanalyzethedataexplainingthereasonsfor thechoiceofeach.

For this assignment, address the following sections in 10–12 pages:

Part 1 •Select a current issue in criminal justice and begin to research previous studies and literature that are available using the library, Internet, and other available resources. Choose an issue that relates to one of the following criminal justice topics:


?Juvenile justice

?Victimology •

Then, write the draft of the introduction to the topic and related issues (variables) that impact this issue.

•Follow the introduction with a summary statement of the purpose for your research.

Part 2 •Then, develop a literature review (annotated bibliography) with a minimum of 10 references that will begin the research for your research project.

Part 3 •How do you intend to gather thedatafor yourstudy? Explain.

•What are 3–4types ofstatisticalmethodscan beusedtoanalyzethedata? Explain in detail

?What are the advantages and disadvantages ofeachtype ofstatisticaldataanalysis method? Explain.

•Which method do you prefer to use most? Why?

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