Religious Impact Matrix AED-204
Resources: Appendix F, Electronic Reserve Readings for Week 5, and the Compare Worldviews webpage

Log on to and the Compare Worldviews webpage at

Complete the following:

    Assume you are on the school board of your local school district and you are tasked with the job of strategic planning for issues facing your district.
    Complete the matrix in Appendix F to determine the potential response from each of the religious groups in your community.
    Use the attached links in Appendix F to research the basic moral and ethical principles believed by each group.
    Determine how you believe each group would react to the issue based on what you find.
    Provide a brief justification for your answer based on the information you find in the links for the different religious groups.
    Write a 300- to 500-word summary of the significant similarities and differences among the different religious groups and include it at the end of the matrix.

Remove the links from the completed assignment before turning it in.

Post your assignment as an attachment.