References and personal experiences

Write 3 Solid Paragraphs with References and personal experiences and with 4 responses

In this Discussion Forum, please respond to the following questions:

We often hear various references to the public—public works, the public goods, etc. What/Who is the “public”? Why do you define it this way?
Write about your community (local, national, or global)–its strengths and weaknesses. What you would like to change about your community and why?
Think about the two articles you read this week as well as the introduction to this topic at the top of this page. What kinds of “scholarship” might you be involved in to address the changes you want to see in your communities? Describe in detail making specific references to the readings and materials.

Please make sure your initial post is well developed (3 solid paragraphs with specific references to the readings and materials as well as specific references to personal experiences) and posted by THURSDAY at 11:59 pm.Once you have added your post, please read and respond thoughtfully to FOUR other class members about what they have written by Sunday, 11:59 pm. In particular, you should ask questions about the information or make comments that will help your classmates to clarify and hone their perceptions and beliefs. This will be a good service to everyone as they work to put together the Analysis of a Public Problem assignment.
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