Read the following articles:

1.	Seitz, R., et al., Impact of vCJD on blood supply, Biologicals 35:79-97 (2007)
2.	Zou, W-Q., Gambetti, P., Modeling of human prions and prion diseases in vitro and in vivo Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 1(2): 157-164 (2004)
3.	Fry, D., Prions: Reassessment of the Germ Theory of Disease, J Am Coll Surg 211(4): 546-552 (October, 2010)
4.	Heppner, F., Arrighi, I., Kalinke, U., and Aguzzi, A., Immunity against prions? Trends in Molecular Medicine 7(11): 477-479 (November, 2001)
5.	View the following playlist: BIO212_Module6_Activity2
Now, based on your reading of the above articles and your viewing of the videos, participate in the following discussion. As with all discussions, please respond thoughtfully and in your own words, being sure to back up each statement of fact with cited sources. Your response should be a minimum of 125 words (about one-half page)
What is Mad Cow Disease and is it a threat to humans? Please explain why you think it is or is not. What are the federal and state governments doing to protect our blood supplies and food supplies (meat) from prions? Is it the responsibility of the blood banks and food companies to safeguard us our blood and food supplies? Is it the responsibility of the federal and/or state governments to safeguard us? If yes, explain why you think so. If no, what, if anything, should be done?

Please use APA format

Additional Requirements 

Min Pages: 2 
Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: Please use APA format