In Hills Like White Elephants a man and a woman sit waiting for a train and discussing their plans for what appears to be a dilemma for them. The hills in the distant Spanish countryside seemed to be of some distraction to the woman and the American.  They represent a symbol of a much bigger dilemma between the two individuals which was an unwanted pregnancy, and the American wants the woman to get an abortion.  The pregnancy was the actual white elephant as it was an uncomfortable discussion topic for the two and they seemed to talk around it, much like trying to avoid the white elephant in a room. The hills were symbolic, as like the white elephant, one has to either go over or around; however, the situation will unavoidably have to be faced at some point.   A smaller theme that could be interpreted from this story would be that of selfishness.  The American seemed not to want to share his lady with anyone else as he so states "Of course it does. But I don't want anybody but you. I don't want anyone else.”  This would indicate his unwillingness to share his life with anybody else in addition to her.  

do you agree with this and what are your thoughts?